Along with Cassie Finley (University of Iowa), I founded the Cogtweeto Philosophy Workshop Series in December 2020. 

Born out of the "Zoom Boom" of the Coronavirus pandemic, The Cogtweeto is a virtual ("Very Online") workshop series developed to create new and more accessible opportunities for philosophical engagement. Our goals in founding the series were fourfold: first, to encourage those on "Philosophy Twitter", whose interactions are typically (merely) social, to engage more deeply with each others’ "actual" philosophical work; second, to provide a free, accessible, more just forum for philosophical conferencing which welcomes and prioritizes those with little to no institutional access to traditional conference spaces, including advanced undergraduates, graduate students, early career researchers, adjuncts and contingent faculty, and independent scholars; third, to provide "low stakes" practice opportunities for developing presentation and audience participation experience across a range of academic presentation formats; and fourth, to promote free, public engagement with contemporary philosophical research.


You can read more about the initiative on our website (embedded below!) and in our feature at Daily Nous.