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writing consulting

I started working as a writing consultant in 2014, when I joined the Eberly Writing Studio at West Virginia University. After completing my bachelor's degree, and beginning my PhD at University of Southern California, I joined the USC Writing Center of Dornsife College of Arts and Sciences.

I work with students at all stages of the writing process, on all sorts of different projects. My own "area of expertise" is persuasive writing for the humanities (I was a triple-major in Philosophy, English, and Spanish), with a focus on clarity and argumentation. But I also have significant consulting experience with scientific writing, business memos and cover letters, and personal statements for graduate school and scholarship applications.  


In hell, a professor once joked, all you do is write personal statements. Anyone who's written one knows they can be hellish documents, indeed. But they're also probably my favorite projects to consult. Helping  students find pithy, memorable, and authentic ways to communicate their goals is extremely rewarding. It's also a great way to get to know someone in 25 minutes! 

If you are a USC student, and you'd like to make an appointment at the Writing Center, you can do so here. (NOTE: If I'm your TA,  you may not make an appointment with me.) There are also many excellent handouts available for free on the Writing Center's website. I am particularly fond of the ones for personal statements and anticipating objections

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